Monday, October 15, 2012

RwP - Paul Ryan Needs to Debate for Local Seat, Bike Deaths, Packers, AP-Photo, Roger Rivard

This week on Rants Without Pants, I discuss how Paul Ryan should debate Rob Zerban, the 2 bicycle deaths within 6 days in Dane County, Packer Proud (Willie Davis and Donald Driver), AP Photo of Romney, and Roger "Did He Just Say That?" Rivard.

00:00 - 7:45 Paul Ryan Needs to Debate his Local Seat

7:45 - 9:12 2 Bicycle Deaths in 6 Days

9:12 - 10:06 Debate Ettiquette

10:06 - 11:52 Packer Proud (Willie Davis and Donald Driver)

11:52 - 12:25 AP vs Romney

12:25 - End Roger Rivard Awful Statement


  1. mmkay yer wrong. We're not more alike than the media (or whatever you said) would lead us to believe. We're FAR MORE different from each other than most people PREFER to imagine, and rather than overstating differences, the "media" hyper-polarizes them into 2 simplistic and packaged up extremes, leaving the real level, quantity, and magnitude of differences sidelined. And that's the point. Enormous numbers of people and ideas and views are marginalized while there simultaneously exists an ILLUSION of opinion and self-expression over-kill.
    In addition, I think I've seen you one one of these two videos below. Hey that a Vintage Coat?
    Critical Mass izza Facebook Like.
    Dumpster-diving? DrunkDial101? Holy shit. You carry the Hipster Bible in your pocket at all times? Way to be a walking conformist caricature while ranting about authenticity.
    Oh yeah, I mean "Welcome to the Cheddarsphere". I'm sure you'll have a lovely time here.

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  3. I agree with you that "the media hyper-polarizes people into two simplistic and packaged up extremes." So again, perhaps people are more alike then the media likes to think they are.

    As for the republican politicians these days, I'm praying that moderates and old schools republicans....republicans I could vote for, would be invited back to the party.

    As for the coat, I have no idea if that is a vintage coat. It's a coat my girlfriend got for me one day.