Thursday, February 21, 2013

RwP: Interview with Postal Worker Perry Frank and...ROAD TRIP!

This week on “Rants without Pants”, you are all trapped in the passenger seat of my car while I listen to the stereo and rant about James Cromwell protesting (“It Aint Me Babe” by Bob Dylan), Brian Murphy being mentioned in the SOU (“Hero” by Foo Fighters), Governor Walker turning down the Medicaid Expansion money (“Sabotage” by The Beastie Boys), Liberals making fun of Marco Rubio (“High Water Blues” by The Jayhawks), Scott Fitzgerald for supporting a forced transvaginal probe bill (“Rape Me” by Nirvana) and much more.

I also interview postal worker Perry Frank (National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 507-Capitol City Merged-Trustee ) where he discusses the Carrier Alert Program, collective begging before the Wildcats Strike, how email is not as damaging as everyone thinks, 2006 Postal Enhancement Act, Retirement Prefund is the reason for the fiscal trouble, Post Office is self-sufficient, cuts and eliminating Saturday delivery, possible privatization of the post office and the effects it would have and much more.

Interview taped live from the best coffee shop in Madison, “Mother Fools”.

Other songs played – “Car Stereo” by The Shabelles, “I Can’t Drive 55” by Sammy Hagar and “Mr. Postman” by The Marvelettes

00:00 - 1:02 Intro – Roadtrip
1:02 – 11:59 – Interview with postal worker Perry Frank (National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 507-Capitol City Merged-Trustee)
11:59 – End – Fly Up/Fly Down Segment where I rant about the subjects stated above.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

RwP Valentine's Day Episode -- Gay Marriage -An Interview with Victoria Echeverria and a Rant

I really hope you watch this one...especially if you disagree!

This week on Rants without Pants, it's our Special Valentine's Day Episode where we discuss one topic: Gay Marriage

I interview Madison rocker, Mad Rollin Doll and Battlesta...r Galactica nerd (I am too, so I can call her that) Victoria Echeverria on her recent engagement to her fiancé Natalie. We discuss the gay rights, gay marriage and love.

I then rant (with the help of Tom Petty and The Beach Boys) to those who oppose gay marriage.

This one is special. It's about true love and the fight for equality.

00:00 -- 13:32 Interview with Victoria Echeverria includes -

Vic's Dog running in circles
How Vic and Natalie met and how she proposed to her
Vic's response to Senator Ron Johnson and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleifisch's ridiculous comments Where the future is going
Wisconsin Domestic Partnership registry being challenged and much, much more.

13:32 -- End Adam's Rant includes Kirk Cameron's silly comments, redefining gay marriage, christian denomination internal debates about homosexuality, Gomer Pyle's marriage and the coolest kid in the world kicking Gov. Michelle Bachman's ass.

Next Week: An interview with postal worker Perry Frank about many of the changes arising with the post office, including cutting down to 5 days delivery.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

RwP: Top 6 James Bond Movies

This week on Rants without Pants, James Bond expert and brother Jeremy Schabow joins the show to discuss our top 6 James Bond movies.