Sunday, September 23, 2012

RwP: Interview with Madison Police Officer Steve Heimsness and Walker's Constitution

This week on Rants Without Pants, I interview Madison Police Officer Steve Heimsness who is also on the board of the Madison Police Association. Officer Steve discusses the protests at the Capitol a year and a half ago, as well as the arrests that are currently happening at the Capitol. I then discuss Gov. Scott Walker's visit to Lindbergh Elementary where he teaches the kids about the constitution of all things. 00:00 - 07:26 Interview with Madison Police Officer Steve Heimsness 07:26 - 09:34 Governor Scott Walker Teaches the Kids at Lindbergh Elementary about the Constitution. 09:34 - 12:47 END RANT

Sunday, September 16, 2012

RwP: WHAT THE HELL? - Act 10 Ruling, The Packers Fake, Capitol Crackdown

This week on "Rants Without Pants" I delve into those "What the Hell?" moments in our lives and in politics 

00:00 Packers Fake Field Goal
01:00 Ruling that Act 10 (Walker's Union Busting Bill) is Unconstitutional
01:35 A Raven and a Viking Support Gay Marriage
03:39 Tammy Baldwin Dancing
05:20 Capitol Police Chief David Erwin Being Ridiculous with his "Capitol Crackdown"

Thanks to Arthur Cole Riggs for his use of video.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RwP: Speeches You May Have Missed from the DNC and No Apologies

This week on Rants Without Pants. I show clips of some of the speeches from the Democratic National Convention that didn't get as much attention and perhaps you missed. I also give my thoughts on the convention itself. 00:35 WROD 3rd Grade Class giving the Pledge of Allegiance (with Fox News Hosts heckling them. 00:58 Senator Tammy Balwin 02:15 Ohio Republican Firefighter 02:55 Zach Wahls (Son of Two Moms) 04:20 Former Bain Employees 06:13 Sandra Fluke 07:24 Lilly Ledbetter 08:00 Sister Campbell 08:31 A Dead Guy Debates Mitt Romney and Wins 09:30 Elizabeth Warren 11:22 Foo Fighters 11:33 Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick 12:53 Sen. John Kerry 14:05 Sen. Harry Reid 14:50 Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm 16:10 My Impression of the Democratic National Convention (No Apologies)

Monday, September 3, 2012

RwP: Republican National Convention, Labor Day and an Original Cartoon "Johnson Meets Koch"

This week on Rants without Pants I discuss the Republican National Convention...Wisconsin Style. I analyze Gov. Scott Walkers Speech, I play a drinking game called Bull Shit during Paul Ryan's Speech, I discuss my take on Governor's Walker's encounter with MSNBC, an old man arguing with an empty chair and losing, how all of it ties into Labor Day...and then AN ORIGINAL ANIMATED SHORT CALLED "JOHNSON MEETS KOCH". The premise? What really happened when Ron Johnson dined with David Koch this last week. Hope you enjoy! 00:00 Scott Walker's Speech 02:34 Paul Ryan's Speech - I play a drinking game called Bull Shit where I have to take a shot of Korbel every time Paul Ryan lies. I got drunk. 09:52 Scott Walker's encounter with MSNBC and my reaction. It may surprise you. 11:35 An old man arguing with an empty chair and losing. 12:32 How Wisconsin was portrayed in the Republican Nation Convention and How WI Democrats Need To Openly Support Labor. 13:45 An Original Animation called "Johnson Meets Koch". It's the first time I have done animation like this before, so please be kind!