Sunday, October 7, 2012

RwP: Obama Fail (Debate), Obama Win (Jobs) and Ann Althouse’s Concerns

This week on Rants without Pants, I become President Obama’s debate coach to help him out for the next debate, I discuss the very encouraging job numbers that were released Friday and I try to figure out why Ann Althouse and 2 other UW Professor’s are so upset about Obama visiting UW Madison.

00:00 – 11:00 Debate Coach for President Obama

11:10 – 12:31 Unemployment Rate Dropped Like it’s Hot

12:31 – End Ann Althouse’s Concerns (

CORRECTION: Ann Althouse emailed me to let me know that she actually didn't write the letter to the University. That was reported incorrectly from some news sources. She did post the letter and agreed with some points of it. The point I bring up in the video, is where her and I disagree. I just wanted to make sure that was clear. I changed the name on the YouTube video to "Ann Althouse's Concerns" for more accuracy.

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  1. As stated above: Ann Althouse emailed me to inform me that she actually didn't write the letter to the University. THIS WAS HER EMAIL: I didn't sign any letter. Mayer emailed me
    his letter, and, with his permission, I copied it on my blog and also at Instapundit (where I'm guest-blogging). I have my own commentary at
    my blog as well, agreeing with some of what Mayer said. I just listened to your video and you're missing some major points, such as
    that Mayer had midterms scheduled, that UW employees (not just profs) were displaced, and that the university closed central campus then
    required students to give info to the campaign in order to get access to that part of campus. Why didn't Obama appear over at West Washington as Kerry did in '04? The university shouldn't have linked to the campaign website and aided the campaign in collecting student info.