Wednesday, November 21, 2012

RwP: Conservatives Don't Own Christianity, Reaction to Obama's Reelection and Local WI Stories

This week on "Rants without Pants", Rev. Schabow preaches the truth about the reaction of President Obama's Reelection, how conservatives don't own Christianity, how everyone should be praising Ian's Pizza, drama in the State Senate, Walker...'s Obamacare.

00:00 -- 6:58 Reaction to Obama's Reelection
6:58 -- 7:13 Fly Up to Our Church
7:13 -- 9:30 Fly Down to WI State Senate Majority Leader Robin Vos
9:30 -- 11:57 Fly Down to Walker for Dropping the Ball on ObamaCare
11:57 -- 12:54 Fly Up to Ians Pizza
12:54 -- End Fly Down to Christians Who Think They Own Christianity


  1. Why the Christian Left Won’t Adopt Me
    . I believe the Bible – ALL OF IT – is divinely inspired, completely true, fully authoritative, and wholly reliable.
    . I believe that there is a heaven and a hell, and the ONLY way to eternal life is by believing in the Bible and that Jesus is God’s son. If you don’t believe this, you will go to hell.
    . I believe that accusing people of racism and sexism when they aren’t racist or sexist is just as wrong as racism and sexism.
    . I sometimes think that there is too much talk about rights and not enough talk about taking responsibility or people unwilling to call a sin a sin (abortion, gay marriage, premarital sex, etc.).

    The problem with the Christian left is that, by and large, faith is just an affectation for them. Why do I say this? Because they so readily surrender any aspect of the Word of God that conflicts with what the secular authors of their political faith have written. Anything that embarrasses them in front of the world they want to get rid of - they want to be the crowd-pleasing, inoffensive Christian.

    Unity, forgiveness, mercy, and constant appeasement are to be more highly favored than righteousness, holiness, faithfulness, and obedience.

    I’m all for loving our brothers and sisters. I’m all for leaving judgment up to God. However, I am not an advocate of pretending that sin doesn’t matter and that immorality of any kind doesn’t break our Father’s heart. For biblical Christians to associate themselves in any way with the progressive leftists in America today is to associate oil with water.


  2. I too am praying for you. And I don't mean that in a negative way. You have so much anger in you to the point that it's kind of scary. I'm sure you think you don't come across this way, but the rage, judgment, and divisiveness that you display is apparent and sad… I don't know anything about the differences between the left and right, I just know that as a Christian that tries to follow the Bible (and often fails miserably!), this video only divides people apart further. Again, I'm sure that's not your intent. You just seem so mad at people's belief systems which don't line up with yours, but that's never going away. Christians have a right to express what they feel is correct (as long as it's non-violent), just like non-Christians have this right. I honestly can't tell by this video if you're Christian or not, but that is much more important than whether or not someone is liberal or conservative. Like I said, I'm praying that you are a true Christian, so they don't end up in hell, and that you come to find inner peace in this knowledge. I hope that you pray for me, too, that I remain steadfast in the one and only Lord. Thank you and have a blessed evening!


  3. To Molly,
    I have no problem with you praying for me. In fact, I welcome it. My point was not to have someone say they’re going to pray for me. The point was they say that in not a positive way, but in a passive aggressive way to publically show judgment towards me. You got to understand how that is not in the spirit of praying. With all that being said, you don’t sound like you’re doing that at all. So pray for me!!!!

    I do want to address you thinking I seem very angry. Honestly, I’m just passionate. I’m passionate about politics and about where this country is going. I’m passionate about the separation of church and state. I believe that a Christian can believe that gay marriage is wrong, but at the same time understand that all men are created equal and the government shouldn’t be claiming it’s illegal simply because the Bible says it’s a sin.

    Of course, atheism is a sin, does that mean, we should make being an atheist illegal? Of course not and that’s my point.

    You wrote "I honestly can't tell by this video if you're Christian or not, but that is much more important than whether or not someone is liberal or conservative."

    I think that most conservatives do not have your similar view point on this...but I think your quote there is right on.