Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RwP: Speeches You May Have Missed from the DNC and No Apologies

This week on Rants Without Pants. I show clips of some of the speeches from the Democratic National Convention that didn't get as much attention and perhaps you missed. I also give my thoughts on the convention itself. 00:35 WROD 3rd Grade Class giving the Pledge of Allegiance (with Fox News Hosts heckling them. 00:58 Senator Tammy Balwin 02:15 Ohio Republican Firefighter 02:55 Zach Wahls (Son of Two Moms) 04:20 Former Bain Employees 06:13 Sandra Fluke 07:24 Lilly Ledbetter 08:00 Sister Campbell 08:31 A Dead Guy Debates Mitt Romney and Wins 09:30 Elizabeth Warren 11:22 Foo Fighters 11:33 Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick 12:53 Sen. John Kerry 14:05 Sen. Harry Reid 14:50 Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm 16:10 My Impression of the Democratic National Convention (No Apologies)

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