Sunday, August 26, 2012

RwP: An Interview with WTDY News Reporter Dylan Brogan Discussing Being Denied Access and Much More!

This week on Rants Without Pants... 00:00 WTDY News Reporter Dylan Brogan Interview Being Denied Access to a Mitt Romney/Ron Johnson Event Based on Nothing He Did. 00:52 Fly/Fly Down Segment - Penzeys Spices Pro-Teachers Stance 06:39 Paul Ryan's Connection to Todd Akin, Dr. Wilke, HR3 and Him Redefining Rape. 10:16 Our New Dog 10:53 Green Bay Landlord That Wants to Evict a Bears Fan 11:42 State Senate Democrats Abandoning Labor 12:40 New Movement on Palermo's Pizza Strike 13:00 Hurricane 13:20 Republicans Using the "We Did Build It" as Their New Catch Phrase/Outro - End Rant

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