Monday, July 23, 2012

Rants Without Pants: "A Look at WI Rep Sean Duffy, the Bring Jobs Home Act and Fly Up/Fly Down"

I'm excited about this week's Rants Without Pants, because not only do I discuss WI Rep Sean Duffy and the Bring Jobs Home Act, I also introduced a new segment called "Fly Up/Fly Down" where I recount national and WI news stories and give it a Fly Up (which is good) or a Fly Down (which is bad). Things discussed in the Fly Up/Fly Down segment: Judge David Flanigan's Voter ID ruling, Target greeting cards, Milwaukee Taco Bell, Romney not releasing his taxes, Ron Johnson's lust for China, Herb Kohl's laziness, Olympic Committee's decision to make the uniforms in China.


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  2. This is Adam's older, conservative brother, Jeremy with my two cents.

    WI Rep Sean Duffy: Agree – The guy seems like an ignorant jerk. I'm assuming if you discover a Democrat acting poorly, you'd also include that in your video. Unfortunately, there are ungrateful politicians in both parties.

    Bring Jobs Home Act: I'm still doing some research on this. On the surface, it seems to make sense, but I'm reviewing it in more detail to have a better understanding of the pros and cons.

    Judge David Flanigan's Voter ID ruling: Disagree - Voter ID is the right decision and it's ridiculous that anyone would be against it.

    Target greeting cards: Disagree - since the Bible tells us this is a sin, we shouldn't be celebrating it with greeting cards.

    Milwaukee Taco Bell: Agree! I miss it so bad…

    Romney not releasing his taxes: Agree – not releasing his taxes makes him seem like he's hiding something.

    Ron Johnson's lust for China: Agree – I wouldn't be surprised if he had a tattoo of President Hu Jintao on his ass.

    Herb Kohl's laziness: Agree – Due to his left-leaning views on several issues, I'm obviously not a fan of his anyway.

    Olympic Committee's decision to make the uniforms in China: Agree! Thumbs up to the American company who took the initiative and said they would make uniforms.

    Peace out!

  3. Yes, I would put focus on a democrat acting in the same fashion as Sean Duffy.

    I think you will find with doing your independant research that the "Bring Jobs Home Act" is a very good thing for this country.

    It's going to be hard to convince anyone that Voter ID is truly voter suppression as you and I live a life that is so not like those that they are trying to suppress. I would also ask what you think the republicans motivation is.

    We're never going to agree on Gay Marriage.

    Chili Cheese Burrito rocks yo!

    I am impressed on your stances on both Romney and Ron Johnson.

    Herb Kohl isn't really that left-leaning. Dad regularly votes for him actually. I just think the guy is awful statesman. He's lazy. Never puts forth his own bill. It's time for him to leave...luckily he is.

    I think most common sense Americans understand that our uniforms should have been made in the US of A.

    Thanks again for your comments bro!

  4. I would also love to know Nate's and Carlos' points on this. I hope they return!

  5. The 2 main items I disagree with you are Voter ID and homosexual greeting cards.

    –Even if there has only been one instance of voter fraud (and there's been a lot more than just one!) and any fraud could be practically eliminated by having an ID, it's a no-brainer. It's just logical and if you disagree, it's because of ideology. I know there's been studies saying that putting an ID law into effect would suppress certain voters, but if you really want to cast your ballot, just show your ID. Honestly, who doesn't have some kind of identification?! And if you don't have ID, then get one – this will weed out who really cares enough to vote and those who don't care or are here illegally or are already committing voter fraud. It's just Democratic talking points to say “Voter suppression!! Voter suppression!!”.

    –Promoting a sin like homosexuality with greeting cards is like Hallmark making cards for people who live together and are actively sexual with each other without being married. Both are blatant sexual sins! I know it's hip to be pro-gay, but this is another sign of our social morality decaying. I'm not saying that certain people don't have a desire for the same gender, but you treat it like any other sin and try not to act on it. And if you DO act on it, then you should ask for forgiveness. That doesn't mean you won't do it again, but you know it's wrong and you shouldn't be giving in to temptation. You certainly shouldn't be celebrating it by being openly gay and not think you're doing anything wrong. And before you call me some judgmental zealot who is looking down on everyone, that's not the case at all. I think everyone has their “pet” sins and I'm no exception. I sin all the time, but the difference is I know it's wrong and ask Jesus for forgiveness and to help give me the strength to not give in the next time.

    Okay… That's it for now!