Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rants Without Pants: "Political Yard Signs: Don't Put Them On My Lawn and Don't Steal Them"

This week conservatives will like this because I bash Tom Barrett and United Wisconsin a bit and liberals should be happy because I once again bash Ron Johnson.  EVERYBODY WINS!!! For more of a discussion on this,


  1. This is Adam's older, conservative brother, Jeremy with my 2 cents.

    Aside from Tom Barrett being an angel compared to Scott Walker, I actually agree with everything else in this video, including embracing one's old age! People's private property is just that – private. No party should be putting signs in anyone's yard without their explicit permission. No one should be stealing or destroying signs, as well.

    Good topic, bro. Take care and God bless!

    Peace out.

  2. Didn't the signs that said "recall Walker" come from somewhere other than the Barrett campaign? I thought those were union signs.

  3. Yeah, I state at 3:05, that the sign was from United Wisconsin and not from the Barrett campaign. Thanks for checking it out...I love your blog.


  4. Oh Yea.. thanks Althouse for linking to me..

    Wait a minute.. this comment was not put here by me, the blog owner..

    Please do not put comments on my blog ;)

  5. Lem,

    I'm not sure who you are. Are you from Althouse and you do not want me commenting on your blog? If so, wow!

  6. Oh yeah, also, the link for althouse is above in the description.

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